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50 €

Champagne Gimonet
Blanc de Blanc

31,00 €

Château Valcombe
Epicure, AOc, rouge, Ventoux, BIO /
Mannaerts / Dedobbeleer

16,00 €

Gamay deTouraine
M.D. (Marionnet) /
J.-L. Moerman

10,50 €

Bordeaux Rouge A.C. (Merlot)
mise J.P. Moueix

10,50 €

Cave Collines du Bourdic VDP OC M.D. /

10,50 €

Wooden condiments holder (empty)

160 €

Wooden condiments holder (full)

275 €

Bronze ashtray, with Ever Meulen machtbox

275 €

Kitchen towel

12,50 € per ex.
(-10% from 5 ex. on)

Table Lamp « Follow Me » Marset

175 €

Champagne glass

7,50 € per glass
(-10% from 4 ex. on)

We offer you the possibility to order a selection of “Au Grand Forestier” items or a gift voucher. Choose from the list and we will get in touch as soon as possible with all relevant details.

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Gift certificateTie René MagritteApronGamay deTouraineBordeaux Rouge A.C.Chardonnay 2014 PichaWooden condiments holder (empty)Wooden condiments holder (full)Bronze ashtrayChampagne glassKitchen towelTable Lamp « Follow Me »

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