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  • Open every day from 10 am, (also on holidays)
  • Non-stop kitchen between 12 am and 11 pm (last order)
    Except Sunday, open untill 3 pm.
  • Garden – Heated terrace open all year round
  • Parking
  • We accept the following credit cards: Maestro – Visa – Mastercard – American Express


Menu-FORESTIER_vignette2In the kitchen rules Chef Jeremy Herregodts – assisted by a team of experienced kitchen staff. The seasonal menus are prepared with daily fresh products (no under vacuum or deep frozen ingredients here…) from carefully selected Belgian suppliers who work according to traditional methods and who have passed on their knowhow from one generation to the next. Everything is home made, with lots of love and expertise: ice cream, cakes, sauces, croquettes, etc. We prefer seasonal products (fruits and vegetables).

Artichauts à la vinaigrette maison19,75 €
Filets de Soles à l'Ostendaise, p. duchesse28,50 €
Salade niçoise au thon frais de Gibraltar24,25 €
Artichauts à la vinaigrette maison19,75 €
Salade niçoise au thon frais de Gibraltar24,25 €
Melon au Jambon des Flandres20,50 €
Rognons de Veau grillé, sauce béarnaise, p. frites24,25 €
Contrefilet minute, p. frites, béarnaise maison27,75 €
Emincé de Poulet fermier à l’estragon, p. frites23,75 €
Filets de Soles à l'Ostendaise, p. duchesse28,50 €
Darne de cabillaud Royal, rôtie à la plancha vinaigrette à la tomate et pesto, p. natures27,25 €
Anguilles au vert « Maison », p. frites27,00 €
Daurade Royale à la plancha sur lit d’épinards, beurre nantais, pomme duchesse27,50 €
Fish and chips comme à Goodwood (cabillaud frit), sauce rémoulade25,75 €
Assiette de Framboises belges, glace vanille13,00 €
Iles flottantes au caramel, crème anglaise9,50 €
Château Valcombe, Epicure 2014, AOC
Ventoux, BIO. Mannaerts
le verre
7,50 €
23,00 €
38,00 €
Château Barrail du Blanc, St Emilion GC, 2014la demie26,00 €
Sancerre Rouge, H. Bourgeois, M.D. 201447,00 €
L’Héritage de Chasse Spleen, Ht Medoc, 201557,50 €
Nipozzano Riserva, Chianti rufina, 2013-1543,50 €
Couvent des Jacobins, Bourgogne rouge, 201443,00 €
Château Fonbel Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, 2014le verre
la bouteille
10,00 €
52,50 €
Crozes Hermitage, Côtes du Rhône A-C, « Les Jalets », Jaboulet Aîné, 2015, M.D.47,00 €
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A bit of history

Au Grand Forestier – A bit of history


boldairLe Bol D’Air

Where our restaurant is now, the Duflot family ran Le Bol d’Air from 1985 onward. They started serving snacks and simple dishes, but little by little, the menu extended and eventually more and more gastronomic dishes were being served. The restaurant was named after Le Bol d’Air, an amusement park in the north of France, run by Laurent Duflot’s grandfather. The restaurant continued to develop, but in 2012 Laurent Duflot, who after the decease of his father remained the only manager, decided to sell the business.

Au Grand Forestier

We had been looking for an appropriate location to open a second restaurant, when we found this place which enchanted us as soon as we set eyes on it. In 2013, we bought the business and the premises and the renovation work could get started under the expert guidance of architect Cathérine Lalmand with the cooperation of designer Alain Berteau. A lot of care went into the architecture and the interior: all furniture was newly designed and hand made. The walls have been decorated with works of modern and contemporary artists (Doltremont, Swennen, Mortier, K. Dedobbeleer, Wyckaert, Ever Meulen…), which certainly contributes to the special atmosphere in the restaurant.

“Au Grand Forestier” now borrows its name from the street where the restaurant is situated.
It was opened on 20 April 2015.

Some history…

In mediaeval times, the Sonian Forest was the most valuable domain of the Dukes of Brabant, who were passionate huntsmen. Boitsfort housed the biggest hunting lodge of the Dukes: it was the residence of the gamekeeper of Sonian and Brabant (Le Grand Forestier in French) who also took care of the hounds. Being the gamekeeper of Brabant was a prestigious function and the man was appointed by the Duke, to manage the revenues of the woods. In the 14th century, the Sonian Forest stretched over approximately 10.000 hectares.

Niels family

Niels Family


Joseph Niels (1890-1940) was the son of farmers in the Pajottenland (triangle Hall, Enghien and Ninove). After a disease struck the livestock and his prospects at the farm vanished, he decided to leave to Great Britain. He went working at the Savoy Hotel in London which was then and still is very famous.

He returned to Belgium around the age of 25 and became the director of the restaurant La Taverne Royale at the Queens galleries.

In 1924, he invented the recipe of the Filet Américain. In 1926, he founded the hôtel restaurant Canterbury at the Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 129 (near the place de Brouckère) in memory of the British Isles.

After Joseph died in an accident in 1940, his two sons Albert (1917-1978) and Georges (1919-2000) took up his work.


They founded the store Nielsvins together in 1948, they also ran the restaurant La Couronne at the Grand Place and for two years, they were owners of the restaurant Claridge in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


As a result of their success, the Argentine government asked them to represent the Argentine restaurant at the universal exposition of 1958 in Brussels.
After the exposition,Albert and Georges Niels decided to each go their separate ways. The children of Georges did not continue in the restaurant business.

Albert continued to work with his 3 sons (Michel, Philippe and Albert-Jean). They opened 3 new restaurants. Au Vieux Saint Martin in 1968, La Marie Joseph in 1971 and Au Duc d’Arenberg in 1974. Albert died in 1978. His 3 sons take over his business. Philippe and Albert-Jean decided to get split from their older brother Michel mid of the eighties. In 1992, Philippe and Albert-Jean decided to open a new restaurant also called Canterbury at the “Etangs d’Ixelles”. Uncle Georges died in the US/Florida State in 2000.
Philippe and Albert-Jean decided to split each other and to work with their own children, in 2011.

Albert-Jean (son of Albert) and Frédéric Niels (grand son of Albert) run the restaurant Au Vieux Saint Martin. This brasserie is open 7 days a week and offers the best of Belgian specialties.

In 2015, AJ & F Niels opened a new restaurant called “Au Grand Forestier” which serves Belgian Food, with one of the most beautiful terrace of the capital.

In October 2018, AJ and F Niels decide to open a new restaurant Place G Brugmann 35 in Ixelles. This restaurant will be open 7 days a week. More info will follow.


Where do you find us?

GPS 50.803968, 4.428677

«Au Grand Forestier» is situated at the edge of the Sonian Forest in Watermael- Boitsfort. The restaurant has been located in a typical Boitsfort property dating from the early 20th century, which is part of the architectural heritage of the commune. It looks out on the Ten Reuken ponds, a short 50 yards away from the Avenue de la Forêt. The restaurant can be reached by car and by public transport: tram (94), bus (41-72) or the underground (station Hermann Debroux).